Click on the video below to see some Five Acres Animal Shelter Volunteers in action working with cats and dogs! This short video is like a highlight reel of volunteering!  Actual volunteering with cats and dogs can be much more involved, and lots of work, and the benefits are immeasurable!  Please remember that volunteering at Five Acres is very hands on, and at times, hard work, so of you choose to volunteer with us, please come ready to dive in!  We appreciate all of our volunteers who help our Team Members with day to day tasks, and the dogs and cats in our care will show you their love and appreciation as well!






Volunteer Application
We are now accepting new volunteers ages at the Canine Clubhouse Pralle, Kitty Cottage Pralle, and at the new Five Acres Randolph location!  Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Five Acres!


Foster Family

Foster Family Information and Application

Please complete the Foster Application if you would like to open your home and heart to pets as they prepare for adoption!  Please be sure to read through the information about our Foster program, including the list of FAQs!

Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach Program Information

Please visit the Youth Outreach page where you can learn more about how kids and young adults can get involved with our dogs and cats!

Corporate Involvement

Corporate Involvement Information

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Five Acres Animal Shelter!  Because of the time and specific training that is required to work with the animals, we are unable to accommodate groups who are interested in working directly with the animals.  Please click the ‘Corporate Involvement Information’ link above to read more about how your group/organization can get involved!