New Volunteer Orientations are currently on hold for an indefinite amount of time. 

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Family for cats or dogs during this time, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Foster page!


Interested in Volunteering at Five Acres? 

Click on the video below to learn more about what you can do to help us care for the animals in our care!



What can YOU do to help out at Five Acres Animal Shelter?

  •    Dog Walking – taking dogs out is a huge part of volunteering at Five Acres!  We start walking dogs at 7am and they all get at least 5 walks every day, regardless of weather
  •   Cottage Keepers – scooping, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, as well as laundry and dishes in the Kitty Cottage!   From 9-11:30am every day!
  •   Canine Clubhouse Clean Up Crew – starts as early as 7am and includes kennel clean up and laundry and dishes
  •   Provide Enrichment Activities- both Dogs and Cats need Enrichment and Socialization
  •   Vet Run Volunteer – drive dogs and cats to and from vet appointments
  •   Become a Foster Family to allow us to save more animals
  •   Participate in Community Outreach Events, including Mobile Events or Cuddle Breaks, to help get dogs and cats (and Five Acres) exposure
  •   Assist with Youth Outreach Events and Education
  •   Volunteer with our AniMeals Food Pantry program to help those in our community who need temporary assistance with caring for their pet(s).
  •   Become a Gift Shop or Front Desk Reception Volunteer
  •   Assist with Maintenance needs, such as mowing, landscaping, property projects

** If you are between 13-15, you must have a parent or guardian present at all times when you volunteer here.  Over 16, you can volunteer here independently.

We have volunteer opportunities every day!

  •   Saturday/Sunday: 7am-6:30pm;
  •   Monday: 7am-11am; 4-6:30pm; and
  •   Tuesday-Friday: 7am-11am; 1pm-6:30pm

Interested in becoming a Five Acres Animal Shelter Volunteer?

Volunteer Information

Click here to learn about the first step to becoming a Five Acres Animal Shelter Volunteer!

Currently on hold!

Foster Family

Foster Family Information and Application

Please complete the Foster Application if you would like to open your home and heart to pets as they prepare for adoption!  Please be sure to read through the information about our Foster program, including the list of FAQs!

Youth Outreach Program

Youth Outreach Information

Please visit the Youth Outreach page where you can learn more about how kids can get involved with our dogs and cats!

Currently on hold!


Corporate Involvement

Corporate Involvement Information

Visit this page if you are a company who would like to partner with Five Acres!

Currently on hold!