About Five Acres Animal Shelter

At Five Acres Animal Shelter, our mission is to end pet homelessness, promote responsible pet ownership, and advocate for animal welfare.

With a save rate of over 98% we exist to ensure every animal is safe, sound, and homeward bound.

Our Values

Five Acres believes in the power of pets and seeks to enrich the lives of pets and their owners. Our values include:

  • Community – Five Acres exists to serve its community. This includes not only reducing the number of pets in need by finding them homes, but also supporting the pet owners in our community. 
  • Lasting Relationships – Whether you adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, attend an event, or spread the word about our mission, you are a part of the Five Acres Family! We love creating relationships with our community, and we especially love to witness the new and strengthening bonds between humans and their pets. 
  • Safe & Thriving Environments for our Animals – The safety and well-being of our animals is of the highest importance to our organization. We want the spaces in which our animals live to not just be safe and clean, but enriching and relaxing as well. Providing this for our animals is the top priority of our team. 
  • Enriching the Lives of Pets & People – We believe that pets are better off with people, and people are better off with pets! Everything we do is to improve and foster the connection between humans and animals, but it doesn’t end with just adoption. It includes a robust foster program, impactful volunteer opportunities, community events, our AniMeals Food Pantry, and so much more.


In 2022 our values led Five Acres Animal Shelter to the strategic decision to move toward the Human Animal Support Services model (often referred to as HASS), focused on not only finding homes for pets in need in our community, but also promoting a lasting and healthy relationship between pets and their owners. 

Our History

Five Acres Animal Shelter formed in 1973 as the St. Charles County Humane Society, by a small group of individuals dedicated to animal welfare. Five Acres utilized volunteer foster homes for animals in need of adoption until the first shelter opened in 1988. In 1996, Five Acres acquired the current property on Pralle, operating the only no-kill feline house and canine shelter in St. Charles County. We added the Ruth Anne Scheidegger Canine Adoption Building  in 2012, and the Kathryn Favre Kitty Cottage was completed in 2016. Five Acres remains free and clear of debt, and in 2021, we took in 1,691 animals. We adopted out 1,435 and reunited 270 animals with their families in that same year.