Why Two Kittens are Better Than One

It is a fact that some things just come better in pairs, but did you know that kittens actually qualify as one of those things?

Well, it is true. Kittens that grow up together actually end up gaining a lot from each other, which just leads to a happier and healthier life for them overall. Here are just a few of the reasons why two kittens are simply better than one:

  • Cats that have a playmate are more socially well-adjusted and have less behavior problems such as:

    • biting of the hands and other appendages
    • scratching
    • hissing
    • hiding
    • overall shyness

  • They end up being much less aggressive than kittens that grow up alone
  • Studies show that animals living alone have smaller brain than their streetwise counterparts, so mental stimulation throughout the day is very important
  • Having another cat to play with reduces their risk of becoming overweight and then suffering from related health issues
  • Destructive behaviors due to boredom and attention seeking are less common when they have a buddy, which means less:

    • scratching on furniture
    • getting into places they shouldn’t
    • chewing on wires

  • Cats take comfort in the simple presence of another feline, so when you are gone they will have each other for company and won’t be lonely
  • They remain more playful and youthful well into their senior years when they have a feline friend
  • The work load of having two cats versus only one is virtually the same, bu the benefit of not having to be the sole attention provider actually makes having two even easier than only having one
  • You don’t even need to have more space for a second cat
  • Because….two is better than one! For the humans, for the cats, and for the pet overpopulation crisis!