Rehoming Pets: What You Need to Know

At Five Acres Animal Shelter we believe that pets belong with people.

Our mission is to make sure every pet is able to find a home, but our mission is also to help keep people with their pets. We know that situations arise that make it difficult to continue to care for a pet. Whether it be a change in living situation or a family emergency, we know that there are circumstances when keeping a pet is no longer an option.


Five Acres is proud to partner with Adopt-a-Pet to support a new rehoming process that helps community members find new homes for their pets, rather than needing to surrender them to a shelter. Here are the benefits of rehoming your pet:

  1. No one knows your pet better than you, so you know what type of home is best for them! When you look for a new home for your animal, you’ll be able to provide medical history, any quirks or behaviors exhibited, what your pet likes and dislikes, and anything that is going to make a new home successful.
  2. The shelter is scary and stressful for animals. There are so many unfamiliar sounds, smells, and situations that can all make animals feel on-edge and maybe even lash out, making it harder to be adopted.
  3. Rehoming your pet also saves space in the shelter. We get calls everyday from other rescues asking if we can take in animals from them. The more animals we have to take in from homes, the less we can say “yes” to these rescue partners.

Keeping pets in homes and out of the shelters not only helps that pet, but it very well may help save the life of another animal in need! When you choose to rehome your pet through Adopt-a-Pet there is no fee, and applications are managed by the qualified staff at Adopt-a-Pet. You will be able then to see the applications and possibly meet the adopters. Adopt-a-Pet also has many resources to be able to help you through this big decision. 

Our wish is that all pets are able to stay with their families, but when life happens we are here for you! We hope you will consider rehoming your pet if the situation arises.