About Five Acres

We enrich the lives of pets in need and families with thoughtful placement through C.A.R.E.-Compassion, Advocacy, Responsibility and Education.

Five Acres Animal Shelter is the only no-kill animal shelter in St. Charles County, Missouri. We do NOT euthanize our animals to make room for new ones. The dogs and cats in our care stay as long as needed until they find their forever home. We only humanely euthanize when a situation arises that an animal can no longer live a high quality of life, according to one of our trusted veterinarians, based on the animal’s medical state or in the rare case of extreme aggression.

The majority of our animals come from private citizens who are unable to keep their pets for one reason or another, and we love and care for them until we find another family for them to join. We also work with local animal control facilities and other overcrowded shelters in Missouri and other parts of the country to transfer animals to Five Acres that face euthanasia.

Most of the animals we accept are healthy, however we do take some animals in bad shape who require extensive veterinary care. These pets need our help the most but their care can be very costly, even with local veterinarians assisting us in keeping costs down. This is why we created our special needs program, Shadow’s Fund. This program allows us to care for special needs animals that need a chance.

Donors such as yourself help us provide care for these animals, whether making a monetary or in-kind donation, volunteering or fostering an animal. Five Acres Animal Shelter is a 501C3 non-profit organization and does not receive any tax funding. We rely completely on private donations, corporate support, events and grants.