Kitty Cottage

Our Katy Favre Kitty Cottage officially opened in June 2016. Five Acres created a Capital Campaign to raise funding for the building of this new facility. In August 2016 we demolished our century old former cat house to create space for an expanded parking lot and second entrance and exit to our facility. Our new kitty cottage allows us to house more felines in a spacious and comfortable environment, we have a separate intake and isolation room, separate laundry and kitchen for our FIV and FeLV felines, more basement storage and our AniMeals program is now run out of the basement where they have more space. We have a large free roaming area for our cats to run, play and climb as well as a screened in “catio” where they can get some fresh air and safely watch birds, bugs and the dogs next door. We also have separate condos for any cats that need time to adjust to their new environment or just need their own space away from the other cats. Upstairs you will find a separate room for our FIV+ and FeLV+ felines but you will find many of our FIV+ cats free roaming with the negative cats on the main floor. Also located on the main floor is our kitten room which is full of the cutest little kittens you’d ever meet! Unless they are still recovering from their spay/neuter surgery, all of our kitten free roam with one another so they can learn to play and socialize with others.

Since the opening of our new building we started a monthly fundraiser called Cat Yoga. It is exactly what it sounds like. The first Monday of every month, guests sign up to participate in an hour long yoga session with our adoptable cats. Visit our event page for more information and to register for the next class!

FOX 2 KittyCam

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