Student Service Groups

Welcome to our Student Service Group page!  We love to have student groups to Five Acres to pitch in and complete service hours!  Whether you are:

– a student group at a high school or college interested in completing hours together;

– part of a Community Service or Leadership class who has requirements to complete hours of giving;

– an individual looking to complete hours for National Honor Society, a Church requirement or Church Youth Group hours;

I am so happy to say that this is a popular program for students and it is growing!  We do ask that each group who plans to come here has a maximum of 10 people in their group at a time.  If that means we would need to schedule multiple days, we are happy to try to accommodate you as much as possible, depending on our calendar!

What a Student Service Day at Five Acres looks like:

  • A Student Leader or Staff Liaison will fill out the registration form below
  • Please allow a some time for the form to be reviewed
  • You will be contacted to either get further clarification or to schedule a date/time!
  • We will work with you to figure out a mutually agreeable date that you can come to Five Acres for about 2 hours per visit.
  • Depending on the students ages, we can plan for certain activities for volunteers to help our staff with the many tasks we have every day!

Thank you for your interest in Five Acres Animal Shelter!  We look forward to having you here!