Student Hours

Welcome to our Student Hours Volunteer page!

If you are in high school are need to complete service hours for school or another organization, please read below to discover ways that you can help the dogs and cats in our care!  We are not currently having groups visit the shelter for volunteer opportunities, so please keep reading to learn about some options to complete hours!

At this time, we are inviting students who need to complete hours to get involved in the following ways.  How hours would be counted would need to be worked out between you and the adult at your school who you are reporting to.

  1.  You can host a donation drive at school, your neighborhood, your place of worship, wherever will allow you to set up information and collect items for the dogs and cats in our care!  View our Wish List HERE!
  2. Raise money to donate to Five Acres- come up with creative ways to fund raise, whether it be a bake sale, lemonade stand, collect donations from family and friends and hold a garage sale to donate proceeds to Five Acres!
  3. Ask family and friends to donate items to Five Acres for your birthday instead of giving you a gift!  After all, the best gifts in life are the ones we give to others, and if those gifts help dogs and cats, then even better!  Our Wish List is on our website on the Donate page, or you can send out our Amazon Wish List!
  4. Create a flyer for our upcoming event (coming soon – Putts for Paws Golf Tournament on August 23) and deliver to neighbors or email to family/friends!  They can sign up to golf or, if a parent works for a company who would like to sponsor us for the event, tell your parents and have them email Madeline, our Development Director, for more info!
  5. Host a virtual Trivia Night (we have a company that we work with you to host it)… there is a small subscription fee and you can invite up to 100 people and we can host registration on our site and we can manage teams for the event; or you can do it on your own- you make your questions and host it on your own!

If you would like to put together one of the fundraising opportunities above, please email Kate!  If you have an idea other than those suggested above, please describe what you have in mind!  Please know that at this time, we are not able to have students come to our property (individually or as a group) to work with our dogs and cats in our care.

Thank you for wishing to help the dogs and cats of Five Acres Animal Shelter!