Scout Troop Visits






Welcome to Five Acres Animal Shelter!  We love to have Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and American Heritage troops, and other student groups come visit us to learn more about what Five Acres does, what we stand for, and why it is important that we are committed as a no-kill shelter in St. Charles County!

If you are Troop leader looking for an engaging program for your Troop to visit Five Acres, you are in the right place!

When troops come to Five Acres Animal Shelter, you can participate in the following activities:

  • Receive a Pet Safety/Responsible Pet Ownership Lesson for your Troop to understand compassion, kindness, and animal advocacy (this would cover topics for the troop to earn their Pet Care Badge)
  • Present any donations you have collected to Five Acres
  • Meet and Greet with a Five Acres dog or cat

Fee: The fee for this program is $12 per Scout. (Fees directly support our mission and community program offerings.)

Register: To register your Scouts for our patch program, please complete the form below.

This is a very popular program, so please be patient with us as we receive your information and get in touch with you to schedule your visit!  We do ask that each group who plans to come here has a maximum of 10 people in their group at a time.

Thank you for your interest in Five Acres Animal Shelter!  Please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can!

Scout Troop Visits!

If you are a troop leader of a Girl Scout troop or a Boy Scout troop, we ask that you complete this form so we can gather details of what you are wishing to do or learn about while visiting Five Acres. Thank you for your interest in Five Acres and we look forward to your visit!
  • We have troops visit for many reasons and with different goals. Please identify areas that you would like to focus on, with the understanding that time restraints might limit us in some ways. For all Scout groups, we will always provide information about Five Acres and our mission as a no-kill shelter. Thank you for your input!
  • As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, this $12 fee for your troop members to visit Five Acres, directly supports our mission and community program offerings.
    Price: $12.00
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