Youth Outreach

  • If you are a student who needs to complete hours for school (NHS, Community Service Club or Class, Key Club, etc.) we welcome you to participate in volunteer activities off campus.  CLICK HERE for more information!

We currently welcome volunteers ages 18 and older to volunteer on our Five Acres property working with the animals in our care.

For kids and young adults up to age 17, we love to offer options for them to also help support our dogs and/or cats!  We have many ideas for you to reach out to your community, your school, friends and family to do some amazing things and help out in incredible ways until you are old enough to volunteer on our campus!

Here are some ideas for you to help out from home!
  • Click to view our Wish List and invite family and friends to participate in a Donation Drive to collect supplies that we use every day for our dogs and cats to make sure they are healthy and safe!
  • Take advantage of the summer months and have a Lemonade Stand and donate proceeds to Five Acres!
  • Collect donations from friends or neighbors and host a Garage Sale (with an adult of course) and donate proceeds to Five Acres!
  • Print out a flyer for our upcoming event (coming soon – Trails for Tails Glow Run on October 8 and Paw Parade on October 9!) and deliver to neighbors or email to family/friends!  You can sign up to walk or run with your family and friends, or if a parent works for a company who would like to sponsor us for the event, tell your parents and have them email Madeline (, our Development Director, for more info!
  • If you are a Troop Leader of a Girl Scout, Boy Scout or American Heritage troop who would like to learn about pet safety, responsible pet ownership, and how you can become a part of the solution when it comes to pet overpopulation, email Kate (, our Volunteer Manager, to share your Troop information and submit information so we can schedule a Zoom visit!