Youth Outreach

We have long offered volunteer opportunities for individuals over the age of 13, but now we have some options for younger kiddos between the ages 6-12, and other ideas for kids even younger to help support our dogs and/or cats!  We have many ideas for you to reach out to your community, your school, friends and family to do some amazing things and help out in incredible ways until you are old enough to volunteer here with your parent starting at age 13!

Here are some ideas for you to help out from home!
  • Click to view our Wish List and invite family and friends to participate in a Donation Drive to collect supplies that we use every day for our dogs and cats to make sure they are healthy and safe!
  • Teach your friends and family about the importance of getting your pets spayed or neutered
  • Ask your teacher or principal if you can “dress down” for a day or have a hat day or school spirit day where everyone brings $.50 to donate toward our animals!

Click Here for More Ideas!

Here are some ideas for ways you can come to Five Acres as a part of a group or a special event!
  • If you are a member of a Girl Scout, Boy Scout or American Heritage troop who would like to plan a short visit to Five Acres for pet safety education, donation drop off and a little playtime with a dog CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Does your child wish to celebrate their birthday party at Five Acres?  CLICK HERE for more information!
  • Schools who would like to invite Five Acres out to your elementary school to offer lessons on Pet Safety/Responsible Pet Ownership

If you have any questions, please feel free to Email Us!