Corporate Group

Thank you for your interest in bringing coworkers or employees to Five Acres Animal Shelter!  This is a very popular option for companies who offer service hours or service days to employees to give back to the community!  We can welcome up to no more than 10 coworkers at a time to Five Acres to help with a wide variety of tasks!

You can plan to come to Five Acres for 2 hours, and there are plenty of things you can help out with!  Every day is a different day here at Five Acres, and there are new tasks to be completed all of the time!  We occasionally have projects that we would love Corporate Groups to help out with!  Some of those projects could include landscaping needs (working with our Volunteer Maintenance Crew to cut grass, clean up our grounds, power washing buildings, help the Canine and Feline staff with any particular needs they have in terms of cleaning or building needs), or playing with our dogs or cats!  Regardless of what you do here, your time, energy and effort is appreciated!  The more people we have here helping out, the more time our dogs spend outside of their kennels!

Thank you for choosing Five Acres as the place you would like to spend your Day of Service!

We also offer Cuddle Breaks, where Five Acres Volunteers bring dogs out to your location for some snuggle time!  Please click HERE for more information!

Corporate Service Group

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