Paws for a Portrait

Who wouldn’t love a carefully crafted painting of their dog or cat?


Do we have a treat for you!  The students of River Bend Elementary  would love to have some fun with art during this socially distant break from school and also help raise money for Five Acres Animal Shelter!


How to Participate?

  • Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to submit your information and process a payment for a donation in whatever amount you choose (minimum $20 please).
  • Please email your favorite photo of your dog or cat to
  • We will post all pictures on a page where the kids choose who they would like to create a painting of!
  •   The students would have a few weeks during this time of social distancing to finalize their painting.
  •   Once complete, we will be in touch with dates/times when paintings can be picked up from a dedicated pick up point at Five Acres (honoring social distancing, but still celebrating the connection we all have when it comes to the bond between us and our dogs and/or cats)!

This will be incredible for our shelter, a fun outlet for the kids, and so sweet for all of you who are excited to see how your dog or cat is seen through the eyes of a child!


*This idea has been borrowed from the Wisconsin Humane Society!  I have been in touch with them and they have given us their blessing!
Click here to see a few examples of the artwork that their artists came up with!