Corporate Involvement – Seasonal List of Projects

Listed below are some of the options that Corporate Groups can consider helping out with on campus.  Please read through options, paying careful attention to amount of time expected and number of people needed.


  • tarps on outdoor kennels – typically completed in mid October – about 2 hours, 5 people
  • area for heartworm play yard taken down/cleaned up – to be determined
  • leaf clean up – ongoing through the fall



  • TBD



  • Tarps off outdoor kennels – end of March/Early April – about 2 hours, 5 people
  • Mulch – spring – about 5 hours, up to 10 people
  • Power wash buildings – 4 hours, up to 5 people
  • Landscaping – to be determined based on need



  • Mowing/trimming- option for corporate groups to rotate- one group does every 1st Saturday of the month; another the 2nd Saturday etc.
  • Landscaping – to be determined based on need- weeding, watering plants, flowers, etc. – about 4 hours, up to 5 people


When a corporate group comes to Five Acres to help, the project is the main focus of the visit, but we also know that coming to an animal shelter as awesome as Five Acres brings out the curiosity of everyone to see/play with a dog!  We will make our best effort to schedule time with a dog in a play yard for you to interact with and play!

If you have questions about any of the service options listed above, and would like to find out how to schedule time to come to Five Acres to tackle one of our projects, please email Kate to learn more!