Corporate Involvement

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Five Acres Animal Shelter!  We are so excited to have corporate partners who wish to partner with Five Acres to make as big of an impact as possible on the health, wellness and livelihood of the animals in our care!   If you are a corporate group who is interested in participating in a service day at Five Acres, we have needed to adjust what that involvement looks like to ensure we can accommodate the increasing number of organizations interested in helping us succeed in our mission, without compromising the health and safety of the animals in our care, as well as our Team Members and Volunteers.

Because of the time and specific training that is required to work with the animals, we are unable to accommodate groups who are interested in working directly with the animals.  In terms of day to day operations, much of the onsite work requires individuals or small groups who have taken the steps necessary to be trained as regular volunteers on a consistent basis.

With this in mind, here are some ideas for you to consider when deciding how best you would like to partner with us!

  • Hold a Donation Drive!  It takes a lot of supplies to keep all our animals healthy and prepare them for their new homes. We have a Wish list on our website, as well as a separate Wish List through Amazon that contains some of those items and directs you to exactly what we are looking for!  As a nonprofit, these items are ALWAYS appreciated!  After the Donation Collection is complete, we can arrange a time that your group can deliver the donations and then spend some time with some dogs in the yards at the shelter, or spend time with the cats in the Kitty Cottage; OR we can arrange an adventure for a few of our dogs to go along with some volunteers to pick up the donations at your location allowing you to spend time with our dogs and/or cats.  Please CLICK HERE  to let us know you are interested in hosting a Donation Drive/Dog Cat Visit!


  • Invite Five Acres to join you at a local event your company is participating in or is sponsoring!  By allowing us to join you at the event you will be helping us raise awareness about Five Acres and our mission. At these Mobile Events (unless restricted by the venue) we will bring a dog or two which you can help us work directly with, socializing them with your group and others attending the event. Events we have done in the past include street fairs, community outreach/awareness events, conferences, etc.  We are open to bringing dogs to many events, as it is one of the best ways to get direct interaction with the animals and is a healthy way for  to get them away from the shelter environment and meet new people.  CLICK HERE to let us know of your event and how you’d like us to partner with you!


  • Offer a Cuddle Break for your employees to cuddle with some dogs over their lunch break or toward the end of their day… whatever the time, we can bring dogs to your location for up to 2 hours!  During this time, we can share information about Five Acres, and animal welfare, dog handling, and pet ownership.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more and submit your information to schedule a Cuddle Break!


  • Sign up as a group to help tackle a specific project!   If you are interested in physically coming to Five Acres to volunteer, we have a somewhat limited number of projects that we invite Corporate Groups to come out and help with.  You would choose from a list of projects that we have on our Pending Projects list, depending on what you are interested in and willing to do.  Most of these are seasonal; many are outdoors, and most require some degree of hard work depending on the project.  Nearly all the service projects at Five Acres are maintenance based, ie. painting, staining, deep cleaning, and landscaping.  Our Maintenance Crew, who is compromised of Volunteers who give their time to help with projects, fix things around the shelter, help with maintenance of nearly every facet of our facilities, and are the people who would meet you here and walk you through how to complete your project.  If your group is interested in coming to Five Acres to do hands on work and can come prepared to get dirty, we would appreciate your help!  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR LIST OF SEASONAL PROJECTS that may be options for your group!


Some other ideas:

  • “Adopt a Parcel of Five Acres” – to dedicate to plant and care care for flowers or plants; or helping to create a walking path for dogs around our property where you can create enrichment stops along the way (an herbal garden for dogs to smell new (and pleasant!) smells)
  • Sponsor an adoption fee for a dog or cat, or several!
  • Host a Virtual Trivia Night with your family and friends! We have it mapped out how to hold one successfully!
  • Sponsor a harder to adopt dog or cat – any behavioral training needs they might have, special diet food that they may require
  • Sponsor Acorn’s lifelong need for hydrotherapy
  • Dress Down for Donations Day (financial or in kind- and we would be happy to come out with a dog to visit and pick up donations)
  • Raise funds to sponsor a trailer to connect to golf cart (would be extremely helpful with spreading rock across the bottom of fences in play yards to ensure the dogs safety and minimize escape routes!)!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Five Acres and our mission to help as many dogs and cats as possible! 

Contact us if you are interested in discussing one of the ideas listed above!