Update to Partnership with the City of St. Charles

We wanted to make our community aware of an upcoming change in our strategic direction for 2023 and beyond.

Five Acres Animal Shelter and the City of St. Charles together announce that they are realigning their current operational partnership in which Five Acres Animal Shelter operates the City’s Animal Shelter at 2835 W Randolph Street. Five Acres Animal Shelter and the City of St. Charles will collaborate during the transition period to ensure that the animals and employees at the Randolph facility are supported. Pending City Council approval, effective January 2023 the City will resume direct management of operations at the Randolph shelter.

The change in operational partnership is the result of Five Acres Animal Shelter shifting its strategy to the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) model where it will serve the community with programs to keep people and their pets together. This aligns with the city’s commitment through its recent certification as a Better Cities for Pets™ community. Together, the City of St. Charles and Five Acres Animal Shelter will continue to collaborate for the betterment of people and animals of the community as they have for decades. Five Acres Animal Shelter will continue to be a transfer partner and help provide community programs with its new strategic focus via the HASS model and will continue to operate its shelter at 1099 Pralle Lane.

The St. Charles City Council is expected to vote on the partnership end date during the city council meeting on October 4th.

Why the HASS model and why now? Shelters across the country are bursting at the seams with an increased intake of animals that can no longer remain in their homes due to unfortunate circumstances of pet owners. While we can manage some of that volume by increasing the number of foster homes and through adoptions–it doesn’t slow the intake of animals that come into our care. Many times, owners don’t want to surrender their animals to us, but they have no choice due to the challenges they face. That’s where we think we can have an impact to keep more animals in their homes through supportive programs via the HASS model. This can have a much bigger impact on the livelihood of both people and pets in our community.

We look forward to keeping you updated on new programs we plan to roll out to the community and will be looking for help from people like you. Together, we can help animals and their people to keep more animals where they want to be—home.