Spring Appeal

Ethan relaxing at home!

Ethan at Five Acres

Ethan post-surgery

Dear Five Acres Family,

We’re so glad that the bitterly cold, harsh winter is finally winding down. The extreme temperatures are always so hard on the animals,
so we welcome spring with open arms! Not only does the spring season bring sunshine, fresh air and warmth, but with it also comes
hundreds more homeless animals in need of help. Time and again you have shown your compassion and unwavering support for the
animals whose lives we save every day. Because of you, these precious souls have a safe place to land. Because of you, we’re able to help
them heal, give them love and comfort and help them find a family to love and protect them for the rest of their lives. Remember Ethan?

We rescued this sweet boy who was at risk of losing his life at a high-kill animal shelter. At the time, we didn’t know much about him other than he was FIV+ and absolutely adorable. We were so happy to save him since Five Acres is one of very few shelters that accepts FIV+ (and the only shelter in the St. Charles area and beyond that accepts FeLV+) cats. It wasn’t until Ethan was in our care when we read his medical report and discovered that he also had an enlarged left ventricle in his heart and required an echo-cardiogram. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to have that completed and provide him with the medicine that he required. We thought that Ethan was then ready to find his forever home. But once he was out and walking around the shelter with the other cats, we noticed he was limping on his front right leg. This diagnosis ended up being even worse. Ethan was suffering from an old gunshot wound, and his elbow was completely shattered, causing horrible pain. Because of the extent of his injury, Ethan would need a limb amputation which would require the skill of an orthopedic surgeon.

Once again, you answered our call for help so that Ethan could have the surgery and live a pain-free, comfortable life. The surgery was a success, and as if to say “thank you,” he would purr continuously during the cold compresses that he needed three times every day. Recovering from his surgery and 3 weeks of cage rest, this sweet cat has since been adopted and is living the life he deserves as a beloved family member. You, our loyal supporters, made all of this possible. You saved Ethan’s life.

Ethan’s story is what rescue is all about and why our mission is so important to the animals and those who love them in our community and beyond. Every life matters, and with you by our side, we will have the resources we need to save even more precious lives of the dogs and cats like Ethan who depend on us. Please donate today, and together we can make miracles happen for homeless and neglected animals!
Your donation can be mailed to us with the form below or Facebook . We thank you for your compassion and generosity.


Executive Director

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