Canine Clubhouse

Our Canine Clubhouse was completed in Spring 2012 and has allowed us to save more dogs than ever before. The facility includes indoor and outdoor kennels for our canine guests. Outside they even have pools and a water mister for the summer time and igloos for short times spent outside in the winter. We also have several play yards where volunteers can take our dogs to play, work on training or just relax in the sunshine. Multiple times a week many of our canine guests participate in supervised playgroups with our staff members. These play groups are so vital to the socialization and development of our canines and also helps our staff and volunteers learn more about their personalities before they get adopted. It’s amazing how different an animal acts when they are in a kennel as opposed to when they are in a more comfortable environment and able to just be themselves. Inside our building you will also find three small meet and greet rooms for volunteers and customers to spend time visiting with our animals.

When you walk into the entrance of our Canine Clubhouse you will also notice our Dorothy Hafer Gift Shop complete with Five Acres logo merchandise, toys, treats and many other gifts. All of these items are donated with the exception of our logo merchandise. This gift shop is a major fundraiser for our shelter and brings in funds that go straight back to help our cats and dogs. All of these items are already sold at a discounted price and all adopters receive a 50% off coupon to use when adopting.