Frequently asked Questions about the Five Acres Animal Shelter agreement with the City of St. Charles Shelter

These questions and their answers are provided in the hopes of transparent communications with our interested parties.  If your question is not answered here, please send it to the email address linked here.  We will continue to update this document (note the footer date) and note any recent changes or additions to it.

I’ve heard something about Five Acres taking over St. Charles City Animal Control, is this true?
Five Acres Animal Shelter and the City of St. Charles have entered into an agreement, effective August 1, 2020, that allows Five Acres to provide care for the animals in the St. Charles City Animal Shelter.

Five Acres will not be providing Animal Control services as the Animal Control Officers will remain in place and will continue to provide animal control services.

Five Acres will refer to the two locations served as Randolph and Pralle.  The expectation is the level of care provided at both locations is the same and mirrors the level of care currently provided by Five Acres staff and volunteers.

When will the City animal shelter be under control of Five Acres?
The effective date is August 1, 2020
What activities will occur at the Randolph location?

The Randolph location will need to accept animals from Animal Control officers, return ‘lost’ or ‘stray’ animals to their owners and continue to support adoptions.  The Randolph location will not handle ‘wildlife’ but may need to provide care for animals other than cats and dogs.  We do hope to work with other rescue type organizations to place other species quickly.  The specifics of this are still being worked out.

What activities will occur at the Pralle location?
The Pralle location will continue to intake animals from partner organizations and owner surrenders as well as continue adoptions of the animals housed at Pralle.  The Pralle location will also continue to have a gift shop and support the AniMeals food pantry.
Will volunteers be able to help in the Randolph location?
Volunteers are ABSOLUTELY needed at the Randolph location and we are actively looking for volunteers to train and be ready for August 1st.  We are partnering with Shelter Friends and Finally Felines at Home who will be providing some volunteer support, some connections for adoptions/fostering, and development support for medical and other costs.

Will Five Acres still be a no-kill shelter?
YES!  Five Acres will remain a no-kill shelter and committed to our mission.  We will not euthanize animals to make room or based on time.  We are committed to working with potential adopters and other partners to find the best home for each animal in our care.

Will Five Acres now be accepting strays?
The Pralle location will not be accepting strays; the Randolph location will be accepting strays as picked up by Animal Control Officers.  This location will then work to identify the owners and return to those owners as appropriate.
How will animals be accepted from Animal Control Officers in St. Charles?
There are current processes in place for Animal Control Officers to transfer animals to the shelter at the Randolph location. We will keep these procedures in place and modify as needed.

How will owner surrenders be handled at each location?
Owner surrenders will be handled similarly as they are today.  Surrender families will complete an application which will be reviewed and decided upon by staff.

Will animals other than dogs or cats now be taken?
Yes, but at the Randolph location only.  Today, they will take other animals such as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, birds etc.  We will need to continue this and work through what is necessary to provide the appropriate care for these animals until they find their forever homes.  We will be looking to build relationships with other rescue organizations for some types of animals.

Where will the Animal Control Officers be housed?
The Animal Control Officers will have offices at City Hall.  They will continue to provide animal control services to the City of St. Charles.  We will have an opportunity to talk through their current work and align that to the work that will need to be done at the shelter to care for the animals.
How far is the Randolph location from Five Acres?
The Randolph location is about a 15 minute drive from the Five Acres Pralle buildings.  It is a simple drive up 94 and left on Randolph.
How will we staff the Randolph location? Will we be hiring new staff for Randolph?
We will be hiring staff for the Randolph location and postings went out the week of June 29th.  We are also looking for volunteers for this location.  Volunteers will be trained on both cats and dogs since both share this building, though in separate spaces.
Will the Randolph staff handle animal care, vet appointments, meet and greets, owner surrender, transports, foster parent information?
Yes, this location will provide for the medical care and adoption services (for animals approved for adoption).  There are meet and greet areas that can be used for those interested in adopting.  The Randolph location will be using ShelterLuv as well for all the animal data.
What should we expect in staffing two buildings?
Two full time employees will be hired and the work will be supplemented by volunteers.  We will need help from volunteers for all the work currently supported at the Five Acres Pralle location, for example, cleaning, dog walking, front desk, and enrichment.
Are we required to maintain that building as well as Pralle?
We will be required to maintain the animal care areas but the City will maintain the building.  We are still working through some specifics such as grass mowing.
What will entail keeping both places?
No doubt this is a big undertaking but it is also a huge opportunity.  Working with the City of St. Charles, Five Acres will have greater access to grants and other monies that will help us in our mission.

Five Acres will be tasked with taking in animals, caring for the animals at both locations, and adopting out the animals while assuring they receive all the medical care needed.  It will take additional staff, additional volunteers and additional money which is why we have put together committees for shelter operations, volunteer services and development.  We can accomplish this together!

Will the adoption policies be the same at both locations?
Yes, the adoption policies will be the same at both locations. Five Acres will retain the same standards for their adoptive families. It is anticipated the fees will also be the same.
Will the Randolph location let people bring in animals to be euthanized?
No. Owners who are requesting euthanasia will be referred back to their veterinarian.
Will we be offering vet services at Randolph?
We will be providing necessary vet services for the animals in our care but we are not, yet, in a position to have an onsite clinic or offer vet services beyond the animals in our care.
Will we be doing pet licensing at the Randolph location?
Yes. We will be doing pet licensing.

Updated 7/15/2020