Canine Games 2022

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Purina Farms Event Center
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No Experience Needed – All Dogs Welcome!

Registration is available online now (see form below) or on-site at Purina Farms starting at 9:30am on 10/16.

Standard Activities:

Cost $5 per Standard Activity day of event, including:
Agility- Novice level agility course where you direct your dog through an obstacle course, including weave poles and jumps
Flyball- Each dog navigates the jumps on the course until they reach the end and activate the box to eject the ball
Lure Coursing- Allows your dog to utilize its innate prey drive in a safe, controlled environment
Dog Powered Sports- Dogs pull and power the movement of carts or sleds; provides exercise and enrichment
Scentwork- A positive, challenging activity that allows dogs the opportunity to use their strongest natural sense in a way that’s fun and engaging
Race the Wind- How fast can your dog run?  Get their speed captured with a radar gun
Rally- Move through a course to perform prompted behaviors, such as sit, stay, heel

Or, if you pre-register online, buy a Bundle of 5 tickets for only $20! These tickets are limited to the Standard Activities. If you purchase tickets at the event, they will be $5 for each Standard Activity.

Premier Activity

Cost $8 for the Premier Activity, including:
Diving Dog-Throw your dog’s favorite toy into a pool while he waits on a dock. On the command, he runs along the dock, flings himself off the end of it, lands in the water and grabs his toy. The goal? To have the longest jump possible, which could be as short as two feet for beginners but could be as much as 30 feet for those more experienced!

These tickets are $8 each, regardless if you pre-register or not. We do, however, encourage you to pre-register online for these, as space is limited, and these are very popular with our dogs and families!

All tickets that have been pre-purchased on our website prior to October 13 will be waiting for you at Registration on the morning of October 16!

Online registration will close at 5pm on Thursday, October 13.  After that, you may register the day of the event at the Registration Table.