City of St. Charles Partnership – What Does it Mean?

On August 3, 2020 the City of St. Charles officially partnered with Five Acres Animal Shelter to care for all animals brought in by City Animal Control Officers. This was a BIG change for Five Acres! Change is never easy, but we were so excited about the chance to care for and place more animals than ever before. 

So – what does this all mean? We hope the questions and answers below will help you better understand this new strengthened partnership between Five Acres and the City of St. Charles! 

Does this mean Five Acres moved? 

Sort of! We still have our campus on Pralle Lane in St. Charles where we take in cats and dogs and place them into homes, but we’ve expanded our operations to include a second facility on Randolph Street. These two campuses are referred to as “Pralle” and “Randolph”, and their addresses are below: 

Pralle Campus: 1099 Pralle Lane, St. Charles, MO 63303

Randolph Campus: 2835 W Randolph Street, St. Charles, MO 63301

The two campuses also have different hours!

Pralle: Tuesday – Friday, 2:00 – 6:00 and Saturday-Sunday 12:00 – 6:00

Randolph: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 – 4:00

Can I adopt an animal from either location?

Yes! Both campuses have cats and dogs available for adoption. Since our Randolph location takes in animals brought in by City Animal Control, this means from time to time we have animals other than cats and dogs – guinea pigs, birds, turtles, etc.

So you work with City Animal Control – what does that mean?

This relationship is at the core of our partnership with the City of St. Charles. Animal Control Officers are responsible for responding to calls about stray animals, bite cases, or other issues related to animals. They are also responsible for enforcing all animal control and welfare laws. Five Acres is not responsible for enforcing any animal control laws. When Animal Control Officers pick up an animal within city limits, they then bring it to the Randolph location where Five Acres staff will assess and care for the animal. 

What happens to the animals brought in by City Animal Control?

Once the animal is brought in by Animal Control Officers, it becomes a Five Acres animal. If the animal is a stray, Five Acres will care for the animal and attempt to reunite them with their family. Five Acres staff will assess the animal for any medical attention it may need, and they will also evaluate their temperament and if they have any behavioral struggles. They will care for the animals according to our protocol, which includes feeding, medical care, daily walks and enrichment, adoption or foster placement, spaying and neutering if necessary, and much more. 

We hope this answers some of your questions about this new venture for Five Acres! We are happy to serve our St. Charles community by caring for stray animals in need of love, a home, and a second chance.