Jackson Galaxy Cat Pawsitive Pro Training Program

By now you may have heard that Five Acres Animal Shelter was one of 9 shelters in the country selected for the Cat Pawsitive Pro training program with the Jackson Galaxy Project. We are now in week four of training and our staff, volunteers and of course cats have learned so much! This program is designed to make cats feel confident and more comfortable while in a shelter environment. It also helps them become more adoptable while training our staff and volunteers how to continue with training with future adoptable cats. This training can then be passed on to adopters so they can keep their new pet stimulated and it’s also valuable tips and information that we can share through the rescue community.

Shelter life can be very stressful for an animals and they all have so much potential. We often see certain behaviors in a cat that can simply be prevented or corrected with a little stimulation and confidence boost. Most of the time these animals are smarter than they get credit for. Our cats have learned many different tricks so far like touch, high five, calm and some are jumping trough hoops. To learn more about this program and the training read here. We encourage everyone to come visit our shelter to see what our cats have learned so far. They would love to show off their tricks for you!

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