Volunteer Spotlight – June 2018

John Ott

When did you become a Five Acres volunteer? 

September 2017.

Why did you start volunteering at Five Acres?

I retired in 2015 and did some side work. I decided I wanted to do some volunteer work with animals. I knew someone who used to volunteer with Five Acres and she encouraged me to check it out. I did and I liked what I heard and saw and I have always liked being around animals. I especially wanted to be part of a no-kill shelter.

What is your favorite thing about being a Five Acres volunteer?

I just like being able to help the animals in their transition. They don’t deserve being here but it is what it is and I enjoy walking them, playing with them and making it less stressful for them while they are waiting for their family to come find them. It takes the stress off of you too when you can sit and hang out with a dog.

Do you have a favorite memory, animal or adoption story?

Olive, Snoopy and Patch. Olive was here for so long and she was such a great dog and I couldn’t understand why people kept looking over her. I could say the same about Patch too. Couldn’t understand how people couldn’t see how great dogs they were.

Do you have any pets at home?

One dog named Molly. She is a Border Collie mix and we adopted her from Five Acres in March 2018 after we lost our dog in January. That is one of my favorite stories too. I took her to an event and decided the more I was around her the more I thought she was the right dog for us. I texted pictures of her to my wife and we adopted her a day later.

Why do you think people should volunteer and why is Five Acres a great place to volunteer?

It does your heart good to know that you’re helping. Even if you’re not directly involved with the dogs and cats, there’s so many things you can do that need to be done. You’d be surprised how my things go on behind the scenes. There are so many other things you can do to continue to make sure the dogs are cared for and making sure the grounds are cleaned and maintained. The people are outstanding! I haven’t met anyone I don’t like. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. People would love it up here if they just came here and tried it.

What types of activities do you do as a Five Acres volunteer?

Walking dogs, cleaning kennels, vet runs, cuddle breaks, mobile adoptions, maintenance and mowing, service groups, youth groups, home checks for foster program, anything to help ease the burden for staff.

When you are not volunteering what do you do in your spare time?

I do a little bit of fishing and also like watching hockey and baseball. I love watching movies that I have collected. My wife and I also enjoy traveling. I’m just enjoying retirement!