Volunteer Spotlight

Susann Sullivan-Aden

When did you become a Five Acres volunteer? 

It was one year in October since I started volunteering at Five Acres!

Why did you start volunteering at Five Acres?

I really believed in the mission of Five Acres being a no-kill shelter.  That is so important to me!  I am just a crazy cat lady who wanted to help the cats while they were waiting for their forever home!

Since then, it has become so much more than that and I have learned that it takes so much work to keep this all going!  I feel so glad to be able to help!  The staff is so dedicated and committed and I have also seen how important volunteers are and how much they do to help out.

What is your favorite thing about being a Five Acres volunteer?

I love to love on the cats!  And I am one mean litter box scooper!  I definitely have a certain way of keeping things clean.  I have really looked forward to helping Dana with whatever she needs, but especially helping to organize things.  I recognize that Dana is busy with so many things and organization and the fine details are areas that I can really pitch in and help out!

Do you have a favorite memory, animal or adoption story?

My favorite story was being here when Cleopatra went home!  I was here when she was brought in to Five Acres and I felt connected to her!  She had been living outside and was roughing it, and had been on the kill list when she arrived at Five Acres.  She was here for 2 weeks and then found her family!  I was so excited to see such a happy ending for her and was glad to be a part of her story.

Do you have any pets at home?

My husband Brad and I have 3 cats – Rufus, Fin and Cooper.  Cooper is our little stinker!

Why do you think people should volunteer and why is Five Acres a great place to volunteer?

Five Acres is such a great place and I love their mission.  The staff and other volunteers are such great people and I have really enjoyed getting to know them all.  I would do all of this regardless for the cats, but I really enjoy spending time with everyone.

When you are not volunteering what do you do in your spare time?

My husband and I have a family business that I do some part time work with, but other than that and being here at Five Acres, I love reading, watching movies, and Cardinals games!