We Want Your Shoes!

Five Acres Animal Shelter Shoe Drive
We have an amazing opportunity to raise money for Five Acres Animal Shelter simply by collecting and donating gently used shoes from September 22 – TBD! Our goal is simple, but we NEED YOUR HELP!
The organization we are working with, Funds2Orgs, will pay us $1,000 for every 2,500 lbs of shoes we collect…all for collecting something that costs us nothing and clears out some space! They will turn around and send our donated shoes to communities in countries like Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where families and individuals who struggle to keep a consistent source of income will be sent an initial inventory of shoes for free that they can sell at a reasonable price for their area. Once they establish their small microenterprise business, they pay a small price for more shoes to restock their inventory.
It’s so easy! Your donated shoes could help shelter animals waiting for their forever home and save a life!
The following are drop off locations where you can bring your gently used shoes:
  • Five Acres Animal Shelter
  • Spencer Creek Animal Hospital
  • Elm Point Animal Hospital
  • Pump It Up St. Charles
  • More drop off locations coming soon!