Successful Adoption

1,777 days! That is how long Midnight waited at Five Acres for his forever family to find him. While with us he was a shelter favorite and everyone knew who Midnight was! He was an office cat for many years and lived in a completely different building away from the other cats. Midnight briefly lived upstairs in the FIV room in our old kitty cottage but either didn’t get along with the other cats or they picked on them, so he got his own digs. He didn’t complain because he loved hogging all the attention, but it wasn’t doing him any good being in a separate building and hardly seen by interested adopters. Finally his office buddy asked if he could get another shot and try out the new feline building. Much to our surprise Midnight acclimated well with the other cats and of course loved the extra attention from visitors and volunteers. He even enjoyed Cat Yoga, or what he thought was Midnight yoga! Midnight simply thought that he was the center of the universe and the greatest cat to ever exist. Many would argue that is actually true! 

Midnight had his occasional scuffle with other cats trying to figure out where he stood as other cats came and went from the adoption floor. He really did enjoy being in the kitty cottage though and especially loved hanging out on the “catio”. It took a few months, but one day in June, a family came into the Katy Favre Kitty Cottage at Five Acres looking for Midnight, the cat that wears bow ties. They filled out an application and word spread quickly to all of Midnight’s fans that he was going home. The day they came back for him, Midnight’s fan club was there to shed tears and say goodbye. Once again, he enjoyed all the attention!

We are happy to report that Midnight is doing great! The day he got adopted we received an update that night that he was snuggling with his new little girl watching cat videos on YouTube. By morning we had a picture of him snuggling with her and the family’s Chihuahua! It may have taken 5 years, but the perfect family finally came for this sweet boy and they truly believe that he was with us for so long waiting for them.