Staff Spotlight

Kate Wall

How long have you been at Five Acres?

I have been at Five Acres since April so Wednesday the 24th will be 9 months!

What do you love most about your job?

I love watching people who have gone through orientation come back!  I love seeing them fall in love with the dogs and cats and figure out how to engage here in a way that matches exactly why they wanted to volunteer at Five Acres in the first place!  Everyone – dogs, cats and people alike – are all so different and it is so gratifying when everything falls into balance and we have people here who WANT to be here and we all dance around each other; getting things done all for the dogs and cats! Such joy!

So far, what has been your favorite moment or memory as a staff member?

My favorite moment as a staff member so far was the very first Books with Bingo we had as a part of our Junior Volunteer reading program.  It was magical in so many ways and I cannot wait to schedule many many more!

What drew you to a job at Five Acres?

I was drawn to Five Acres for so many reasons- the staff is amazing and has a genuine love and passionate concern about our animals; it is so clean! (thanks to staff and volunteers!), I love and appreciate our mission as a no kill shelter, we are ever changing and growing and open to new challenges while making ourselves better for it. Plus I consider it a huge bonus that I also get to work with people who have quite possibly the biggest hearts of any group I know – the Five Acres Volunteers!

Do you have a favorite past or present Five Acres animal?

Asking which dog or cat has been or is my favorite is like asking me which child of mine I like the best! There are many dogs and several cats who would make my list, for all different reasons…right now, since she is sitting on my desk and staring at me, I would feel terrible not saying Rosie! Rosie has been in my office for the last 2+ months and has been nothing but a snuggle bug. She greets me every time I walk in my office and loves to watch me work.  

Do you have any pets of your own?

Yes! We have one dog, Winnie, at home!  She will go down in my family’s history books as the funniest dog we have ever had the pleasure of sharing our home with! She speaks to you with her eyes and the tilt of her head, she allows my little girls to put her in a headlock so they can snuggle her and pretends she likes it as she takes hard gulps, and she best listens to my 15 year old daughter Kendall when she speaks to her in German.  🙂

When you are not working, what do you like to do in your free time?

I adore my family.  I could not have asked for a better collection of individuals to live with and share my life with! I love to do anything with them, but most of all, we:

– are a volleyball family, so playing together outside or watching my kids play is the best; 

– are board game players and love complicated puzzles and tricky escape rooms;

– love to sing loud and play hard – karaoke is always an option at our home!

– are expert dog chasers- if we spot a dog out on the loose, we stop everything until we can catch it and bring it to Five Acres to scan their chip! Canine staff knows every time we pull in!