Volunteer Spotlight

Becky Miller

When did you become a Five Acres volunteer?

October 2013.

Why did you start volunteering at Five Acres?

I retired and shortly after I had a jewelry party to raise donations for Five Acres then decided to volunteer. I’ve also always loved animals.

How long have you been a shelter buddy?

At least a year. I started as an adventure team volunteer before that.



What is your favorite activity that you do with your buddies?

I love to just sit and relax under a shaded tree with my buddies and they enjoy just rolling around in the grass. Now all of my buddies will drag me straight to our tree because they know they get to cuddle there!

You work a lot with shy shelter dogs. What is it about them that draws you to them?

I naturally want to comfort people and feel the same about animals too. I just want them to be happy because it makes me happy. If they are happy then they are more calm and get adopted! I want them to know that humans can be good if they haven’t had a good life before they came to Five Acres.

Do you have any tips for anyone that has or is interested in adopting a scared and/or shy dog?

Take it slow! Use a soft voice, don’t stare them in the eyes and always be gentle. Come to them at their level, not above. Always have treats!

What is your favorite thing about being a Five Acres volunteer?

Five Acres is as good for me as I am for the dogs. I feel good after helping the animals. Being helpful is my favorite thing. Five Acres also feels like a farm to me and I love just walking around the property with the dogs. Of course I also just love being able to spend time playing with cats and dogs!


Do you have a favorite memory, dog or adoption story? 

Stewart. He was the first dog that I ever walked and a little rough and playful. I thought he was going to chew my hands off he was so playful! He just made my heart melt because he was at the shelter for so long and kept getting overlooked because he was an older puppy. I will also always remember Tres and his spirit. Why should anyone worry that he had three legs, he didn’t?!