Heartworm Awareness

Each year Five Acres Animal Shelter has many heartworm positive dogs pass through our doors. Many of these animals have been found as strays, neglected or their former owners simply did not understand the importance of heartworm preventatives. Part of our mission is to promote responsible pet owners and advocate for animal welfare, which is why we are dedicated to educating the public and pet owners about heartworm prevention.

Heartworm Facts:

  • Heartworm disease can be spread by a single mosquito bite.
  • Your pet should be tested for heartworms every 12 months
  • Heartworm treatment is more than 15x more costly than monthly preventatives
  • It can take as long as 6 months for an infected animal to test positive for heartworm disease
  • Heartworms can multiply in an animals heart, lungs and arteries and grow as large as 12″ in length.

Ask your veterinarian for more information about the right preventative for your pet. Visit www.heartwormsociety.org to learn more about this disease.

The heartworm positive dogs that are cared for at Five Acres are supported by Shadow’s Fund, our special needs program. If you would like to contribute to their recovery and preventatives click here.

Heartworm treatment can take several months. While an animal is recovering they have to be kept on restricted activity to prevent the worms from breaking off and causing blockage in their arteries. Ideally we would love for our heartworm positive dogs to live in a foster home during their treatment so they can recover comfortably. Five Acres takes care of all medical bills, supplies and vet appointments. If you are interested in fostering a heartworm positive dog you can fill out our foster application.

View our heartworm positive dogs and heartworm survivors available for adoption: