Successful adoption: Blizzard

One year and ten months, that is how long Blizzard waited at Five Acres for his new family to find him. While with us he was well loved, a favorite with some of our volunteers; he is fondly remembered as a cat with character. Some of you may recognize Blizzard from our Trails for Tails marathon event this year; he was the mascot. The perfect home would need to have dogs. Yes, that’s right, not cats but dogs! Blizzard loves dogs, cats not so much. His perfect family also needed to be willing to continue with his special hypo allergenic diet, and his allergy medicine.

One day in October a couple came into the Katy Favre Kitty Cottage at Five Acres to look at kittens. Oh kittens are so cute, but wow, so much energy! They read Blizzard’s cage card, his dating profile: Must have dogs. Perfect! They have two big dogs. A meet and greet was planned, the day arrived and we all anxiously wondered how it would turn out. Of course it was great, the dogs did really well, Blizzard did his “I love dogs” routine.

We are happy to report that all continues to go well for Blizzard, his dogs, and his people. Thank you to all of you for your support in donating, volunteering, adopting, and all of the other ways that this community supports Five Acres Animal Shelter; you are the reason that Blizzard was able to stay here for almost two years, and then find his forever family.