Regina Thurman

Cat puzzles and puzzling cats are her forte. Regina is a longtime volunteer, specializing in adult cat enrichment, in addition to being an experienced foster mom. At Five Acres we love to rescue cats, and we do our best to create a safe space for them to wait out their time until a forever family chooses them. Sometimes the stress of shelter life brings about behaviors that can get in the way of adoption, when such a puzzle presents itself, Regina steps in. Regina will foster adult cats, one at a time, with the sole intent of figuring out what that cat needs to feel safe, and what type of forever home will be best for that particular kitty. As a foster mom Regina is unique in choosing to work just with adult cats who need her; we have other amazing foster families who choose to foster our kittens in need. Regina has fostered such Five Acres alumni as Blizzard, Sweet Pea, Makenzie; as well as giving long term shelter cats, like Hollywood, a break from shelter life.